Ffion Huws

Bro Llifon Primary School

“We have been very excited about the resource Gem and Huw in Bro Llifon School, we use it as an additional resource during circle time. Certainly, the stories touch on children’s daily difficulties, so special discussions can be found in discussing particularly diverse emotions . The puppets are great, correctly sized and the magnetic emotions are a great resource to show that emotions can change in different situations. The children love placing various emotions on the faces of Gem and Huw. Nowadays, the children discuss their emotions with confidence and are able to solve many difficulties that arise in the classroom and out in the yard.

More stories would be useful to continue with the package and worksheets that targets the requirements of Personal, social and well-being to accompany each story.


Elin Wyn Jones

Y Traeth Primary School

“The school purchased Gem’n’Huw following a visit to the school by Gemma and we were very excited to use Gem’n’Huw as there is no other resource like it available.
We have used Gem’n’Huw during Circle Time with year two to resolve some issues. We discussed why a pupil was feeling sad and what we can do to help. We speak of different emotions with the resource and use the puppets to calm down the children.
Assistants that work 1:1 with children in the school use Gem’n’Huw regularly to work with individuals very successfully. It is possible to develop pupils ability to discuss emotions by using the puppets and books.
Gem’n’Huw has been used with groups as well as the whole classroom. The children are delighted with the puppets and the magnetic faces are fantastic.”

Sian Williams

Babinogion Day Nursery

“We are a Welsh medium day nursery and we use the Gem’n’Huw puppets during our circle time on a regular basis for children aged 3 to 7 years old. We find the puppets along with the story book encourage children to gain confidence at their own pace and to discuss their emotions. They enjoy placing the magnetic faces on the puppets, it also enhances their co-operative play by sharing and holding the puppets. We have recently purached another book which they enjoy.
A child with disabilities would benefit using Gem’n’Huw allowing them to communicate using the different emotions. Many of these emotions for a child will happen on their first day at nursery and the transition from nursery to full time school. It is paramount for children to experience these emotions during their childhood to be happy and confident in what they do. I definitely think there is a need to expand on the use of Gem’n’Huw in the near future so that we can promote a child’s understanding to a higher level, which will hopefully allow them to help others.
Gem’n’Huw help the practitioner in encouraging the children to speak and it also promotes the Foundation Phase in children’s learning as it allows them to role play alongside their peers. Through using Gem’n’Huw children learn to empathise with others.