Gem’n’Huw have been created by Moodmwd as their first product range.


Gem’n’Huw is a new product that will help you teach the children in your classroom about different emotions and give them the vocabulary to express how they feel in a fun and interactive way. It contains 2 character hand puppets, various magnetic emotional faces and a story book. Also you will be given a password to access the books that you have purchased online to be displayed on the classroom white board. As an added bonus we also provide you with worksheets to practise reading and writing while learning about emotions, there are available to print as many as you want.




Many studies have been done to inform us how important teaching children about emotions is. Studies have shown that teaching emotional intelligence skills can lead to less bullying, academic success and stronger relationships  Also, being able to manage your feelings is important to learning, attention and memory.



Children start learning from a very early age, here at Moodmwd we have a Gem’n’Huw set for 3 age groups. 3-4 years old, 5-6 years old and 7-8 years old. Each set is tailored made to the age group and the emotions carefully selected.





Gem’n’Huw can be used in many areas of the classroom, learn about emotions while reading a story and practise reading, writing and drawing while learning about emotions!



Pre-order Now 

Gem ‘n’ Huw are now available for pre-order by filling in the form below. Once your order has been placed you will receive an order confirmation email. Your name will also be entered into the prize draw to have your sets personally delivered by

Gem ‘n’ Huw in January 2016.